10 Signs And Symptoms That You May Have Lupus

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When it comes to diagnosing diseases, doctors have their work cut out for them ascertaining the root of an issue. Whether via blood tests, urine samples or CT scans, it’s often hard to be entirely sure which specific ailment the patient needs treatment for, let alone what that treatment will be.

However, one autoimmune disease which causes anything from swollen joints to hair loss is called Lupus. Listed below are signs and symptoms that indicate you may have the disease…

1. Achy Joints

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This pain is also called arthralgia, not to be confused with arthritis. Arthralgia is the pain that sometimes accompanies arthritis. So if you feel this type of pain but do not have arthritis, is may be lupus.

2. Unexplained Fever

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This symptom is dangerous because if you have it you probably aren’t thinking that it’s lupus. Nonetheless, a fever of more than 100 degrees is a common sign of the disease.

3. Swollen Joints

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Another joint-associated symptom is swollen joints. The swelling may not be painful, so it doesn’t exactly fall under arthralgia. This swelling is also known as arthritis and can in severe cases be painful, but not always.

4. Prolonged Fatigue

Lupus Symptoms Story

Extended exhaustion is common among lupus sufferers. If long after exercising you find yourself unable to recover, remaining utterly exhausted, it could be a sign that lupus is affecting your body.

5. Skin Rash

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Random rashes around your body can be indications of lupus. These rashes can also be associated with other conditions, such as eczema, so if you are being treated for such a symptom, ask your doctor about lupus as well.

6. Ankle Swelling


Sometimes the swelling condition brought on by lupus will concentrate itself in the ankles. Sufferers may readily dismiss this symptom if, say, they stand all day long or just went on long-distance run. If you experience swollen ankles when you shouldn’t be, consider talking with a doctor about lupus.

7. Pain in chest


Chest pain is another dangerous condition because it can mean many things. One of those things is lupus, which, as you’ll notice, can affect many parts of the body and every sufferer differently. Chest pain is never something to ignore, and lupus can be added along with everything else that can cause it.

8. Cheek And Nose Rash

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Lupus is an inflammatory disease so rashes are common symptoms. We covered general skin rashes above, which can mean many things along with lupus. But this distinct ‘butterfly’ rash across the nose and cheeks is n accurate indication of lupus.

9. Hair Loss

Lupus Symptoms Story

Losing your hair can be a stressful thing, but it can mean more than just aging. Even women with lupus can experience hair loss. Luckily, once lupus is treated it is normal for the hair to return.

10. Sensitivity To Sun

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This may sound a bit awkward, and the symptom is no doubt a complex one. This sensitivity can manifest itself as some of the previously mentioned symptoms like swelling and rash. This sensitivity is a highly accurate indicator of lupus, so take it very seriously!

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