Five Marijuana Strains to Treat Crohn’s Disease

Five Marijuana Strains to Treat Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease a.k.a Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)affects adults aged 35 years and above. It does not kill but it can severely downgrade the quality of your life. The urge to empty the bowels is always present, bowel movement is accompanied by bleeding, loose motions, and stomach cramps make this condition a nightmare for sufferers. Ongoing treatment is expensive and can lead to forced financial restructuring that may involve cutting down on other expenses.
States in which marijuana is legal include Crohn’s Disease as a condition for which you can purchase cannabis. This plant is a wonderful natural treatment for symptoms associated with Crohn’s Disease. Cannabis, when taken as a medicine, helps stimulate appetite lost due to Crohn’s Disease, fights inflammation, and brings relief from cramps.

Here are five strains of cannabis that can help you combat Crohn’s Disease:

1. OG Kush

OG Kush has a reputation as an analgesic and an anti-emetic. This is a potent strain and THC content can be as high as 27%; therefore, use it at home where you can experience a high safely. The euphoria generating effects of Kush help distract from the pain and discomfort of Crohn’s Disease. It brings relief from mental stress, poor appetite, and lack of sleep.

2. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is Another strain that users swear by for its pain relieving abilities is Charlotte’s Web. It helps fight internal swelling that occurs with Crohn’s Disease. The high amounts of CBD in this strain make it a good choice if you wish to use it during the daytime or even in office. The CBD ensures that you will not experience the mood altering effects of marijuana. It is a good idea to begin with a small dose and then increase it gradually.

3. G13

G13 is a much-loved strain of the indica type that brings relief from depression, lack of appetite, and loss of sleep. It is preferred for its ability to induce a high without the accompanying feeling of heaviness that other potent strains of indica bring about. You can enjoy G13 and benefit from its analgesic properties while remaining focused and alert.

4. Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel has gained renown as one of the top natural painkillers from the cannabis family. It is a good choice for those days when Crohn’s Disease is painfully acting up and making you uncomfortable. It relieves stress and energizes the user. Begin with small doses until you achieve a level of tolerance with Super Sour Diesel.

5. Bubblegum

Bubblegum is a delicious smelling hybrid that smells like…bubblegum. It is also a great pain reliever and brings down inflammation. It is favored by those suffering from Crohn’s because its benefits also include stimulating appetite, uplifting the mood and countering stress, and inducing sleep.

Consider trying out these strains till you arrive at one that offers you maximum relief and can be made a part of your lifestyle. You can even alternate between strains depending upon the symptoms you wish to treat. A big advantage with treating Crohn’s with marijuana is that your body does not have to endure harsh chemicals and addictive painkillers.

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